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Morae Customers Can Reminisce and Win Prizes  

:: Thursday, January 19, 2006 ::

"I remember when my usability lab was setup in my bathroom and in the videos you can hear the kids fighting and Golden Retriever barking in the background."

Stories like this can get you a prize. It's not enough to have simply survived such an experience. If you are a Tech Smith customer using their delicious usability testing product, Morae, you can tell your sordid tale and get, at the very least, a t-shirt.

Carla Wardin, from the TechSmith Corporation, put the bug in my ear about the contest. Here is a snippet from her information:
"First, help us visualize your former lab with excellent descriptive writing. Next, show us some pictures … extra credit for videos! If you don’t have pictures or video of your previous lab, no problem – just be especially vivid in your written account.

Let us know what equipment you used, how you performed testing, and how you analyzed the results – before you discovered the convenience of Morae."

Details: Morae Outrageous Lab Contest

Link Maniac

It's all about who you hold hands with. And content. And, oh heck. You know the drill. If you're looking for help in the form of a software application, a new product is available called Link Assistant.

I haven't tried the product, but one of the things I look for in websites, especially those in competitive markets, are signals for credibility and value proposition points. You can find an analysis of their product, compared with similar offerings, on their Competitors page. Testimonials and SEO information are sprinkled throughout the web site.

There is a free trial too.

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 1/19/2006 01:06:00 PM

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