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Cre8pc's SEO, Usability, and Internet Predictions for 2006  

:: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 ::

Having thrown out my lower back on Monday, I've been lying around with ice, heat and massages for longer than I can possibly stand it. I've read everything from Newsweek, to all my RSS feeds, to a book on Earth's Mysteries. I visited the "Lost" and "Invasion" websites, desperate to know when the Networks will stop running re-runs and get on with it already. I caught up on General Hospital. (Sonny is falling for Emily? Eeeuuu, gross.)

And then I came across a few Prediction pieces in various blogs and decided, what the heck. I'm on painkillers. I can make predictions too. So, here goes....

Kim's Predictions for 2006

1. Microsoft will buy China and all the people who live there.

2. Now that we know President Bush finds our “Honey, can you bring home milk and bread” emails interesting reading, we will all be sending cute emails sprinkled with subject lines like “Hi George! This one is for you!” and secret messages like, “Honey, you forget the you know what in the you know where when we did that thing we did last night”.

3. Every web design company worth their salt will hire a usability person because, wake up!, user centered design is all the rage now.

4. The argument won’t be “What resolution do I design for?” Rather, it will be, “Do I design for laptops, mobile devices or bicycle handlebar screens (because nobody is going to pay these gas prices forever.)

5. Voice activated car computers will let us compose emails in traffic jams, access maps (“James, find me the nearest Starbucks”) and let you transfer funds to your Paypal account to pay for the next thing you don’t really need.

6. “Ecommerce” will take a back seat to Gcommerce, because, let’s be frank here. Unless your online business is in Google’s search engine, you’re simply not in business on the Internet.

7. AdSense will change their terms the third Tuesday of every month that contains the vowels “e” and “a”.

8. Google will buy California and all the people who live there.

9. A separate search directory is built for anyone who has not converted to using Cascading Style Sheets and converted to table-less code. You people just have to be difficult, don’t you.

10. Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Strategies Conference will come to Philadelphia, in warm weather. (New York city in the winter is just plain crazy.)

11. Microsoft will no longer support IE. MAC, PC or otherwise.

12. Barry and Yisha tie the knot. Suddenly, Barry (aka "Rustybrick") is no longer seen at every single SES conference. Hey, the man has a life (wife) now!

13. Andy and Patrick launch something (else) “really big”. If you don’t know who they are, you will.

14. It will be the granola healthy generation of SEO’s. These folks will go to Mcdee’s for walnut and fruit salads, eat whole wheat pop tarts, and offer usability evaluations, just to make sure their client’s site is a true long-term success and they, themselves, live long enough to boast about it at the next SEM pub extravaganza.

15. AOL buys Time.

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa feasting, sincerest Hanukkah blessings and Happy New Year to you all. Create peace (cre8pc).

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 12/21/2005 09:56:00 PM

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