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Shagtastic Kim Krause Berg  

:: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 ::

In my never-ending quest to find something in my daily feed search that hasn't been blogged to death already, I came across an alert that suggested my name had come up somewhere.

There are two SEO blogs that I rely on for comic relief. One is Chris and Gurtie's Gray Hat Search Engine News. British humor is light years ahead of American humor and this site delivers it well.

Gurtie had some funny things to say about referral log queries (always a fun way to pass time) and this is where I found the phrase "shagastic Kim Krause Berg" in their blog entry called Lummy! Look at the rankings on that...... No doubt they're desperately trying to garner the attention of Google's Matt Cutts rather than me. Self-esteem issues aside, my own personal reaction was to think, "How did they know?" In the 1960's and part of the 1970's, my hair was always cut in a shag. No doubt hair isn't what they were referring to, being British, naughty and all. Still, I got a few jollies out of the mention. Any association with the pink and orange days of old are fine with me.

The other hilarious blog is Scottie and Michael's In Search of Stuff. These two talented people are both technically skilled, they volunteer long hours at SEO forums, and in their spare time, write some of the best tongue in cheek, pie in the face SEO/SEM industry coverage on the 'Net. I'll be seeing Scottie Claiborne next week in Philadelphia where she'll be giving sane, practical talks on web site usability at the High Rankings Search Engine Marketing Seminar

Kudos for Cre8asiteForums

Still sifting through mountains of feed headlines, this one was a pleasant surprise for the folks at Cre8asiteforums: A very good forum. Steve J., the blog author wrote:
"The quality of information and discussion on this site is very high to put it mildly, I have, over the past few weeks, been there a dozen times to find advice and suggestions regarding specific web related problems. Every single time I have found exactly the information required."

Branding By Bob

Bob Massa floated out of Amsterdam to post at TW about branding in The Importance of Branding. He mentions the value of making anchor content that logically lands on a page that matches the description of that link. In usability-land, that's what is known as "the scent of information", coined by Jared Spool.

Anyway, in true Bob-style, he writes,
"My hope today is that I am able to de-mystify the concept of branding and show you how I see it and how I use it with little more than reading a few books and webpages in what I laughingly refer to as "my spare time". I also hope I can open a platform for a discussion about branding as it applies to small business operators and encourage those who really do have those degrees to offer their input. Those people, we can argue with."

It's worth a visit, if only to learn what "AVOID THE 3 SECOND BACK BUTTON BOOGIE" is all about.

And, in the "Nobody Cares Kim" Department

Things will slow down here at the Cre8 blog.

It's nearing the holidays, but more than that, my son's football team is going to Virginia Beach for a bowl game, so I'll be away for that. We're celebrating his 12th birthday while down there. I'll try to grab some photos. I'll be seeing the High Rankings crew next week.

Another excuse is that the colder it gets outside, the more I'm compelled to start baking. It's a family tradition to make Scottish Shortbread cookies for the holidays, but we cut the cookies thicker and decorate them with icing and gobs of nuts, chocolate chips, colorful jimmies and coconut (which makes for a nice white beard, but grosses out the folks who hate coconut flakes on anything.)

I'm also working on two new articles, and putting the finishing touches on the newly designed Cre8asiteforums, which we've been promising for a year now. And, thanks to somebody named Rand, who had to go and put the idea in my head, I have another Cre8pc project in the scribble on paper stage.

Meanwhile, in my office, I've begun to focus on accessiblity and forms user interface testing as an added service to my usability consulting services. Which, by the way, is very rewarding when you get clients who really care about their web site visitors and their "user experience".

I genuinely get excited about the sites I see in my work. In many cases their owners become friends who feel comfortable enough to stay in touch and show me what they're building next. Some of them are doing brilliant, innovative work, such as the stuff you can find at Text Link Ads by Andy Hagans and Patrick Gavin, and SEO Tools (Owner, Bob Mutch, is running some SEO/SEM specials on his main site - SEO Company) and one unfinished ecommerce project from Canada that I can't wait to show you.

For them, I shake my pom poms.

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 10/26/2005 12:40:00 PM

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