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On Hurricane Katrina: Support, Expression, Communication  

:: Friday, September 02, 2005 ::

Due to the response to my post yesterday, it was felt that perhaps there was a need to open up Cre8asiteforums to discussion on Hurricane Katrina.

Encouraged by signs of help arriving, the vast majority of opinion I've read certainly shows human nature. It falls into these areas:

1. Grief and shock at what's happening; helplessness. For those willing to admit it publically, embarressment at the US response.

2. Anger at the looters and anyone who is taking advantage of what's happening, including price gouging; fear for the safety of those still stranded

3. Blame. Directed to the people who didn't (or couldn't) evacuate, and for whom many feel they're getting what they deserve; blaming the Government for failing to prevent the disaster or planning properly for it; and everything from it being the fault of gay people to those who didn't buy flood insurance and now taxpayers will bear the burden

4. Motivated to assist via donations, gathering resources, writing blogs that cover what's happening by those who are there, putting together ways to send support; prayer

In the thread we started, called On Hurricane Katrina: Support, Expression, Communication, my long-time friend, Carol Daly, wrote an insightful post. In it she offers,
"And after the initial shock, when first responders go home . . . organizations like the Methodist Men and the Baptist Men disaster response groups do amazing work to try to help those individuals who had no insurance because they couldn't afford it, so were living in homes with no roofs or dangerous electrical or plumbing issues. When asked, these people come with free building supplies and work crews and fix as many of those structures free of charge as their time allows . . . and it should be noted that the vast majority of them are not young men . . . they're senior citizens who do hard manual labor all day and sleep wherever they can at night -- on school gym floors or old canvas Army cots (which in all fairness were on loan from the Red Cross) for sometimes weeks on end). All the supplies they use cost money -- see if you can donate there through local churches, or more importantly, donate your time and skills when they're ready to go in."

Another respondent wrote:
"Too many people in todays modern society seem to lack the capacity to sort themselves out in an emergency, relying on others for handouts and blaming others when things fail.

Where are the stories of people banding together, using initiative and sorting themselves out?"

We hope that if you need to talk about this, you'll take advantage of this opportunity to share.

Chilling Prediction
"Thousands drowned in the murky brew that was soon contaminated by sewage and industrial waste. Thousands more who survived the flood later perished from dehydration and disease as they waited to be rescued. It took two months to pump the city dry, and by then the Big Easy was buried under a blanket of putrid sediment, a million people were homeless, and 50,000 were dead. It was the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States.

When did this calamity happen? It hasn't—yet. But the doomsday scenario is not far-fetched. The Federal Emergency Management Agency lists a hurricane strike on New Orleans as one of the most dire threats to the nation, up there with a large earthquake in California or a terrorist attack on New York City. Even the Red Cross no longer opens hurricane shelters in the city, claiming the risk to its workers is too great."

Source: Gone With The Water, The National Geographic, October 2004

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 9/02/2005 03:30:00 PM

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