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Things You Don't Want To Hear From New Clients  

:: Monday, August 01, 2005 ::

If you need a room to vent about new clients and the silly things they say, run over to Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear From New Clients at Cre8asiteforums. The list goes way over 10, of course.

Some of my favorites?

"Our last web designer went broke, but thats cool, we never paid him."

"I'd like to tell you why scientology is so important to me."

"Can we launder money through the e-commerce application?"

"Actually, you know what, I think I like the orginal version better."

"I'm sure all my users will have the exact same set up as me."

The Forum Topic That Wouldn't End

After the first round of bombings in London, members who wanted to talk about it did so at Cre8asite in London Blasts.

I locked the thread at the 7th page because we wished to leave it in the state it was in, which was civil and for the most part, considerate of all viewpoints. At no time did any Moderator need to edit any post. As you well know, forums are fodder for verbal wars and hurt feelings, and we didn't want that thread to degenerate into that state. To the credit of Cre8asite members, they handled themselves well despite having many different opinions. We weren't pleased at locking the thread, but were trying to be respectful to our London members.

When the second round of attacks happened in London, a new thread was started called London hit again. It hadn't gotten a lot of attention before I left for my trip to Virginia last week and I thought the thread would be short and uneventful.

I was wrong. Upon my return, that thread was showing 5 pages of comments and it had grown heated at times. It remains open, however, because the people who want to express themselves are doing their best to communicate with as much consideration as they can manage to muster, even when they disagree with each other.

Freedom (My Vacation Trip)

I spent part of my vacation camping in Williamsburg, Virginia and in the Shenandoah Valley on the Western side of the state. Growing up outside Philadelphia, we locals have things like the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights pounded into our heads as children. Our class trips in school always include touring Independence Hall, viewing the Liberty Bell, and learning about the early history of America.

What was interesting was learning, while in Colonial Williamsburg, that the decision by the colonists to be free of Britain's rule was first decided, voted on and written down in that town at the end of June, 1776. Philadelphia followed up with a similar, larger document, known as the Declaration of Independence, in July.

I remarked to my 11-year old son that I have great friends from Britain and that though America is no longer governed by British Kings, we have managed to evolve into a friendly partnership between the two countries. I told him that their government also changed and they have a Prime Minister now, who is similar to our own US President. But, before getting to this point, our countries went to war.

Flash forward to present day America and our ride home from Williamsburg back to Pennsylvania. We traveled by way of Interstate 95, heading north and going around Washington, DC and then around Baltimore, Maryland. Every so many miles, while driving up the eastern coast of the USA, we were presented with a huge lit sign reaching over the highway telling drivers to report "anything suspicious" by calling the toll free number displayed on the sign.

For my son's generation, the definition of "Freedom" is going to be different, and hardly recognizable to those who fought and died for it so many years ago.


When I get caught up on things, I have a story to tell about how we were left stranded in Richmond, VA on Wednesday, in 105 degree heat, with a broken down motorhome and no help. Not even from the Richmond Police. When we were finally rescued, the next part of the adventure could have gotten us all killed.

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 8/01/2005 11:47:00 AM

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