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Sympathy for the Devil and Search Engine Rage  

:: Sunday, August 21, 2005 ::

By way of running my daily searches on usability related topics at Technorati, I ended up finding a reasonably intelligent online publication for the adult industry biz. (This adventure alone illustrates how a G-rated task can land one into the X-world in a matter of seconds on the 'Net.)

The article is about the top 10 ten porn producing countries. Curious to see who they are? (Quotes from the article...)

USA - "Home of the Christian Right and a country that many Europeans view as hopelessly prudish."

Brazil - "The Brazilian adult industry has its own trade organization."

The Netherlands - "The Dutch government is quite tolerant of adult-oriented businesses as long as they pay their taxes."

Spain - "Barcelona is the home of Private Media Group, which is one of the top adult-oriented companies in the world and the largest in Europe."

Japan - "One thing that separates Japan from other major-league porn providers is the fact that in Japan, a lot of erotica is animated."

Russia - "Communist countries are not known for being friendly to adult entertainment, but lucky for the adult oriented entrepreneurs of Eastern Europe, there are no more communist countries left in that part of the world."

Germany - "In 2004, Secure conducted a labor-intensive survey that analyzed which countries other than the United States were hosting the most adult-oriented material on the Internet; Germany's .de suffix topped the list with more than 10 million pages of Internet porn."

United Kingdom - "Despite having some of Western Europe's more restrictive obscenity laws certainly compared to much of Continental Europe the fact is that Great Britain has a long history of erotic expression."

Canada - "Next to the United States, it is the biggest adult entertainment producer in North America."

Australia - "According to SecureComputing's 2004 survey on non-U.S. Internet porn, Australia was right behind the U.K. with a staggering 5,655,800 pages of online porn, and that isn't including all the adult films and DVDs that are coming out of Australia."

Plus, there were 13 other countries listed as "Honorable Mentions".

A few things struck me while reading this, (aside from the gorgeous naked guy buns in the banner to the right of the article.)

First was, "My God, no wonder Black Hat SEO's have so much fun" which was followed by, "I'm in the wrong business" to "How in the world (I didn't really use the word "world", exactly) does one optimize and market in the adult industry without needing to perform desperate measures?"

Rather than feed the debate over which type of search engine optimization and marketing "Hat" is ethical to use, it might be enlightening to walk in the shoes of those who are in the hot seat. It made a lot of sense to me to hear one famous so-called "black hat" practitioner admit at one SES Conference that he got no personal self-satisfaction out of his work for the Viagra folks and he admitted that a great technique has a very short shelf-life.

In the face of uncooperative search engines with technologies that require a scientific background to understand and spies to dig up some clues on how to get web sites safely and effectively into them, combined with examples of enormous competitive industries out to kill, I'm inclined to keep my mouth shut, wince and watch.

Maybe someday something will make sense.

What do you think? Are SEO forums ruining the SEO/SEM Industry Image? discusses some issues raised by Jim Hedger in his recent SEO Blog entry, The First SEO Republic Forumed.

"Like thousands of other SEO practitioners, I have been quietly monitoring a raging debate that has crossed several SEO/SEM related forums over the past week. While this debate rears its head from time to time, it remains unsettled and as it continues to unfold becomes more and more unsettling. Given that they differ in tone from forum to forum, there are actually several debates taking place but all seem to have one thing in common, a lack of civility towards other views and a decreasing level of common sense."

Porn article source (View at your own risk.) Porn-Producing Countries: 1

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 8/21/2005 12:11:00 PM

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