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Innovative, Free, New Advertising Network – Link Vault Makes Its Debut  

:: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 ::

This is the year for new ideas by search engines and because of search engines. For a web site to be found on the Internet, there are many hoops to jump through. We know this, all too well.

The emphasis nowadays for search engine technology is to connect like-minded web site subjects together.

For example, if your main interest is parenting, the sites that interest you the most will, in some way, pertain to the role of parenting. This would include education, drugs, family travel, toys, marriage, relationships, household and medical web sites, whose target market and readership are parents. By sorting through web sites that are specifically designed and written for parents and their interests, a search engine’s results are more user friendly. They won’t, for example, deliver complicated medical research case study sites, or sex toy sites when a parent searches for "toys" or "antibiotics".

Search engines are finding ways to “understand” who you are, what you want to find and they’re only interested in delivering you results based on your personal criteria. (How they get this personal information is a whole 'nother topic.)

How To Promote Your Web Site in Today's Search Engine World

The same intent is behind the innovative advertising system, launched on April 7, 2005, called Link Vault (www.link-vault.com). This is a free text-link advertising network, developed in consultation by Alan Webb (aka “Webby”). While some programs sell links to web site owners, Link Vault is a free exchange to highly targeted, screened for quality web sites.

From the web site:

“Each new member must bring to the network at least one high quality website and make available a few links slots for existing members. In return you receive a 'Vaultage' which you use to receive links from the other existing members websites.”

A Link Vault member sets aside space on their web site for a certain allotment of outbound links or advertisements to other Link Vault member sites. In return, member sites link back to your site. The value here is not only getting those much needed links (which are viewed by some search engines as a vote of confidence), but more importantly, the link relationship is determined by category. This assists with the related themes aspect and avoids the link-farm trap of pages of links just for the sake of getting and receiving links.

Alan tells me that already there are success stories, some of which you can read about in the links below.

“Since the initial launch there has been a steady flow of updates and improvements, including the refinement and addition of categories to aid better-matched adverts and websites, “ says Alan.

Links are static, meaning they’re “search engine friendly”. You have the ability to control your destiny too. There are tracking devices that allow you to get an overview of activity. You can control the number of links and your link growth. The links you choose to display on your site (1-5) can be customized to fit your layout and site style. There are optional link variations. Links are subject related.

Best of all, it’s completely free!


For more information on Link Vault see the links below:

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How Do You Know What Promotion Strategy to Use?

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"Many of you use different link and advertising campaigns to get the word out about your web site (s). How do you determine the right course of action? Does budget play a part in the decision, or ease of use, or the relationship between sites (such as linking to subject related sites.)?"

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 4/27/2005 10:40:00 AM

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