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Cre8asite Forums Honors One Who Walks The Talk  

:: Sunday, March 27, 2005 ::

Our second annual Cre8asiteForums Example of the Year, has been selected and we're proud to introduce to you a member the Cre8asite Team voted for the honor from our forums membership.

Ammon Johns (aka Black Knight), came up with the idea for selecting someone from the community who illustrated why a forums can be more than a place to drop by or lurk. We had noticed that some members took what they were learning, applied it to their own web sites, tested solutions and reported back their findings. A community is stronger when it bonds together, and develops relationships with other members. It's one thing to come and take, and yet another to return and give back something positive to the group.

At Cre8asite, we've watched many people apply what they've learned and rejoice with them when they show signs of success for all their hard work. We had several people in mind for this year's Example, but there was something extra special about one man.

Selected was member "Send2Paul" (aka Paul) who came to Cre8asiteForums looking for information and answers. Calling himself an "SEO Virgin", his first post made a quick impression on us because he simply and casually jumped right into a discussion with a post that attempted to help someone else, share some personal research and stimulate further discussion.

This is something we encourage in our community - members helping members.

Before long, Moderators noticed that we had someone special, who was new to SEO, experimenting with web design, learning and sharing back what he learned.

You can follow the interview between Moderator Ruud and Paul in Cre8asite Example Of The Year 2004

In addition to work related posts, Paul shares himself with the community. For example, he experienced first hand Lasik Laser Eye Surgery and shared some of his stories with us, as well as putting up a web page about it. (I was tickled to see that his page points to a web site called All About Vision, whose owner I know and it's the site I had applied my very first user persona to years back when I first began web site usability reviews for clients.)

When it was Paul's birthday, he shared it with the entire community in the Chat and Rave forum, which sparked the kind of conversation one would find in any gathering of friends.

Paul's committment to his own research brought him to Cre8asiteForums often and his passion and enthusiasm flowed each time.

"Ultimately, as I trip the Light Fantastic through my own website experiences, I come across facets of design & business which I then begin to dabble with - and then come here and learn how to get it right!"

When asked why Send2Paul stuck with Cre8asiteForums, Paul replied,

"I got involved, as such, because the good manners, etiquette, profesional & accuracy of posts, replies & comments made it a pleasurable place to come to. It's good to ask questions, answer questions, make comments in an atmosphere of understanding - and that understanding is that these forums are an area of shared knowledge and experience for people to actively take a role in - to learn & to contribute."

Ruud asked about the Web Site Hospital, which is a very popular area in the forums, where members seek assistance, but "payment" is made by helping others.

"Did you find the comment reviews (in the Web Site Hospital) helpful, too brutal, hurt your feelings, constructive? Did it make you think about other related things?"

Paul showed his humor and openness in his response,

"Nothing said hurt my feelings - I'm a big boy now Ruud....lol.... This was a review about my work, not about me - and I'd have slugged the first guy or gal who'd try to get personnel with me!

I just went back and read the whole review again. It was like a story, and adventure. As more things were said and commented on, it did make me realise many things such as... I could have pre-planned my time better, I should have to expand my knowledge in certain areas about certain things etc etc."

Whenever we have those "Why am I doing this" moments, while hosting and volunteering at a large SEO/Web Design/Usability forums, we have only to look at our Community and members like Paul, who love to learn, love to "talk" and love people.

Who will be the Cre8asite Example of the Year for 2005?

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 3/27/2005 12:48:00 PM

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