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Self- Study Web Site Usability Course offered by Search Engine College  

:: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 ::

Self- Study Web Site Usability Course Compliments Search Engine Marketing Industry

Sometimes it takes more than submitting web sites to search engines,
optimizing web pages and paying for keywords and top positions in Search
Engines and Directories. For a web site to be successful, it must perform
usability magic.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 17, 2004 --
For Kim Krause, well known for her web sites, Cre8pc.com and UsabilityEffect.com, and as Founder of Cre8asiteForums.com, the usability angle was a logical partner to search engine marketing efforts, for what she calls the “usability effect.”

What is that?

According to Kim, “It's the ‘information scent’ behind a link
label that has you so curious you can't resist clicking to see where
the page goes. Or, the way an image shows a vital close-up, helping
customers see the quality of the product, so they feel confident buying
it online.

It's that cosmic connection with your web site visitor, or prospective
customer, that makes all the time and expense you put into your creation
finally pay off. It's making those pay per click costs convert to sales
leads. It's when you put the needs of your web site visitor first.”

She made her point by designing a usability course for a search engine

According to Kim, “Getting high rank is half the battle. Keeping
the visitor on the page once they find it is the other half. This is
where we see abandonment issues that result in low sales and poor traffic
statistics. Search engines aren’t a ‘rank well and they
will come’ pill. It’s amazing how many web sites scare off
their visitors as soon as they arrive.”

Kalena Jordan, Chief Executive Officer of Web Rank Search Engine Optimization,
(www.webrank.biz/), sees the benefits of usability. When she launched
the Search Engine College (www.searchenginecollege.com) earlier this
year, she invited Kim Krause to teach a web site usability course. The
result is a self-study course, both affordable and handy for anyone
with a web site.

Six chapters include:

· What is Usability?
· Web Site Requirements Gathering
· Information Architecture and Navigation
· User Interface - User Centered Standard Elements
· Credibility and Authenticity
· User Friendly Forms

The self-study course can be taken as time permits. Quizzes and a final
exam are included. A passing grade qualifies the student for Certification.

“I’m pleased that people are interested in learning how
to improve their web sites. The course is fun to take and loaded with
information and resources for continuous use, long after the course
is finished. Best of all, it’s an affordable investment that may
even pack more punch than the money spent on advertising, “ insists
Kim. “But don’t tell SEO’s I said that!”

For additional information:
The Search Engine College:

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:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 11/17/2004 03:22:42 PM

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