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Is The Internet Experiencing A Mid-Life Crisis?  

:: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 ::

There's a trend in the topics of late regarding the future of the Web, the future of search engines, and how humans interact with them. Having been working in the Internet industry since 1995, I've witnessed continuous change and experimentation. There's no slow down in sight, but there is a sense, to me anyway, that some companies and individuals are trying to solve problems created by the Internet (such as Spam and 30,000 search results for one word, the teeny tiny text fad...). Others are still innovating and pushing the creative factor.

In today's blog, I'll take you on a tour of some of the hoopla.

Yesterday I mentioned Directories that talk to you. There's much more than this going on!

Search Engines

New look, new personality? A New Interface for MSN Search? and New Look at Search.Yahoo.Com

Search Options

Google's Desktop Search

Microsoft Desktop Search

MetaSearch. Still inventing itself? Ho Hum.Searching for a search engine


Too many to list. Is there a market for this? My guess is someone will come out with a toolbar killing tool (like pop up removal), toolbar organizer tool, browser with enough space for 10 toolbars at the top that co-exist or a "Toolbar of the Day" option.

The Future of the Web

The trend is "in your face".

Businesses Not Ready for Web 2.0

    "So says Internet Visionary, Chris Tinney. Tinney says the message to consumers from last weeks conference in San Francisco called “Web 2.0” is that the web is about to get up close and personal. He says the message to online marketers is “Evolve or Die!” Continuing to do things as you always have will soon make your web site appear old, out of touch and stodgy in the new world."

Web 2.0

Farewell, Web 1.0! We Hardly Knew Ye

    "In Web 2.0, news items, blog entries, financial results and images are no longer locked on virtual pages, but easily detachable."

The Future of Search

Search: The Current and Next Big Thing

    "Tuesday afternoon, Idealab founder and chairman, Bill Gross, set the stage with his "High Order Bit." He began with a look back at the three breakthroughs of search: creating a full text index of the entire Web, using price as a relevance metric, and using link strength as a relevance metric. Gross set up his current project, SNAP, by saying that after you get the results of your search is when your journey begins. To make that component of the search more user friendly, he proposed that it is important to enable the user to change the order and refine the search results, to use user feedback to take advantage of what other users have done after performing that search, and to access transparency to expose how a search system works."

Must read research:

Filthy Linking Rich And Getting Richer!, by Mike Grehan

Weighing the Time of a Link: Temporal Link Analysis

Dr. E. Garcia

The Future of SEO/SEM

Oceans apart.

UK and mainland Europe search engine marketers unite and SEMPO

A Usable Internet Experience

Mark Hurst's Introducing the Customer-Centric Worldview

    "Whether online or offline, customers now have unparalleled power to research and transact with companies exactly when, where, and how they choose. There is a new worldview at work that companies must either embrace, or ignore at their peril."

The Web is a Human Creation

    "Some believe in regulating the Web in order to bring about a “code-compliant world.” Others believe standards oppose the basic openness of the Web.

I recently read a blog journal that went as far as to suggest the creation of a Web site blacklist. Much to my dismay, a number of users commented that they have already started such a list."

The Dark Side

Windows 2000 on British Navy Submarines.

What Do You Think?

The Future of the Web and its Effects - Discussion here


Search Engine Optimization Conference - Sweden

Keep up, courtesy of SearchEngineRoundtable, where Barry Schwartz (RustyBrick) is reporting from the two-day conference.

Worthy Nod To

New list of hot SEO forums, blogs, etc. - Top SEO Forums. It's always nice when someone else does the work for you.

Along those same lines, for User Centered/Usability research, articles, sites, etc. are:

Usability Design Research

User Centered Design Web Sites

Wish Was Mine:

Dey Alexander's User Experience Resource Collection

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 10/27/2004 10:11:45 AM

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