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How to Quench Your Web Site Visitors' Thirst  

:: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 ::

"Kim Krause's book, How to Quench Your Web Site Visitors' Thirst was front and center on my mind a couple of days ago as I tried five times to complete an online order. The shopping cart was stubbornly refusing the different ways I tried typing in my phone number. I mean how many ways are there to type in a US phone number? I would have given up if the item I had been buying had not been hard to find and if I had not really needed it.

Reading Kim's book makes you look at your own web sites in a completely new light. You start seeing things you could have done better in the design - things that have to confuse users, also things you knew but forgot. The book reads fast, because it is well written and goes straight to the point. There are no wasted words or padding to make it longer than it needs to be, which makes it a book perfectly written for harried business people who need to get their information quickly and without extraneous hype. I also really like how each chapter ends with the author's recommended links on that topic, that adds a world of information without having to dig.

If you have an e-commerce site 'How to Quench Your Web Site Visitors' Thirst' can only help your sales and visitor satisfaction. Frankly, the benefits are not limited just to e-commerce, content site owners will find this book well worth it too." -- Brad Enslen, www.scifimatter.com

"I am known for my forum travels and over the years and I have picked up on several special, unique and future thinking individuals in our industry. Kim has been literally carrying the usability burden of the SEM industry on her back for years. This latest addition, "How To Quench Your Web Site Visitor's Thirst”, is a must read for all professionals in the SEM/SEO industry. Kim is basically giving away this 23 page e-book that contains easy to use checklists that can help any SEM/SEO/Web Designer quench their visitor’s thirst. Great work Kim, as always." -- Barry Schwartz, aka RustyBrick,, Editor of The Search Engine Roundtable

Tips, Checklists, and Practical Ideas for increasing web site conversions, newsletter signups and making each search engine result click thru count.

Is your web site worth the $15.98 investment?


Now this is more like it. A Directory That Talks to You

    "New technology adds a Virtual Hostess to Directory listings making Click4Choice the first directory to offer a Virtual person to speak to visitors and tell them details about listed websites."

More detail, with illustrations, in Search Engine RoundTable's review, Click4Choice's Virtual Sales Agent

Web Designer Mantra, by Bryan Eisenberg

    "I've discussed with you the four different categories of visitors that land on your site:

  The one who knows exactly what she wants and nothing is going to get in her way - highly motivated and goal-oriented

  The one who has a pretty good idea of what she wants and would buy if presented with the right item, but is still in the process of narrowing her final decision - quite motivated, but you have room to work some persuasion magic

  The one who doesn't have anything specific in mind, but would buy if you could hit the right button (think window-shopper) - only mildly motivated and your persuasive skills have to be operating at peak efficiency

  The one who landed on your site by mistake - zero motivation and most likely to bail. Wave goodbye nicely.

At the very least ... let me say that again, BARE BONES MINIMUM... your Web site must incorporate navigational and persuasive structures that account for these fundamental mindsets. Particularly the second and third visitor on the list - these folks constitute the great untapped gold mine of your audience.

Source: GrokDotCom, Conversion Rate Marketing Newsletter: Persuading your Prospects to Take Action

New Kid on the Block

New site from a man with several others already. SEODrive just goes to show off more of the SEO/SEM talents of Derek Chew.

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 10/26/2004 01:00:05 PM

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