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:: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 ::

Yesterday my email spam filter application broke. Horrified, I watched all day as over 5000 spam emails were delivered to me. In one day.

This was in addition to receiving a copy of every post sent to Cre8asiteForums, which Admins all get. Plus, all my "wanted" email. It's a long story about why I get so much junk and the defense mechanisms I had in place to protect myself.

Yesterday I quickly learned what happens when one or more of these defenses fails.

It's no wonder companies are starting to refuse to let employees have access to email. The costs of preventing the enormous volume of pure, unusable junk has to be mind boggling. These costs are likely passed on to us.

Owning a domain (actually several) means I'm thrown to the wolves. (What's with the poor devoid-of-brain people who ask for link exchanges with a forums! Like where do they think we would put their link?)

People who send spam emails have all kinds of justifications in their minds for why they need to do this. I've yet to hear any one of them tell me why I need Viagra, and why I need 300 emails a day about buying a mortgage. I invite any of them to explain why I would be inclined to open up something that says "now her friends are creaky antiquity".


It's a bloody new search engine, in the UK. UKWhizz.com

Also, being an American, I thought this was funny.

     "It is easier for me in the UK to filter things out, because it has to be said that 99.9% of all this crap comes from the USA, and the language gives them all away. No one in the UK says "check this out", no one sends emails with your name in the header etc etc"

For anyone who subscribes to Jill Whalen's HighRankings.com Advisor newsletter, which arrives every Wednesday, her new subscriber confirmation system has been activated. If you have not received an email from her asking you to confirm your email subscription, please let her know.


An article by Trenton Moss sparked some invigorating discussion on how to meet requirements and how, perhaps, "Bobby" is hated with a passion by accessibility experts. Some snips from the discussion, What is Accessibility?

     "Instead of making websites work around awkard screen readers and the like, why do the sites that concentrate on the issue of accesiblity not try to influence the manufacturers of these readers to make them work the way they should?"

     "For one Bobby is the bane of many accessibility experts, they hate it with a passion in cases, its just not a very good indication of accessibility."

In Usability and Accessibility , Cre8asiteForums learns that a blind person has little difficulty using our forums. Leonie Watson, Chairwoman of Usability and Accessibility Working Group, responded to some questions about her new group as well.

     "I'm surprised you should think this way. I am completely blind and do not use a mouse, yet I have absolutely no trouble navigating the UA-WG web site.

Access keys have no convention, which means they will be different on every single site. If you take all the browsers into account, the only keys left to assign to access keys, without running the risk of overriding existing browser functionality, are x, y, full stop and comma. I would be interested to understand your thinking on this subject more."

If You Are A SEO/SEM Looking For a Job

Check out the openings at SEMPO job listings. Even SEMPO is looking for help.

And If You An SEO Riding Off Into The Sunset

Farewell to a friend. Glyn, GlynMusica, Seoninja : Retiring from SEO

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 8/24/2004 02:53:56 PM

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