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:: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 ::

In light of recent events regarding SEMPO and its troubles as a new organization for search engine marketers, some people have wondered, "Can this be done better?"

Cre8asiteforums has already offered a forum for SEMPO,its members and member-maybes to ask questions. Barbara Coll and Christine Churchill graciously took the time and opportunity a few months ago to address concerns, and many folks were grateful to see them answer questions and talk more about SEMPO and its mission.

But, unfortunately the discussion recently turned into a backlash forum against SEMPO after an article was written about it by Mike Grehan and word got out that Barbara Coll was to begin drawing a salary. (At the same time, positive PR for SEMPO was also circulating in the form of announcements and press releases by members.) No one from the Board made a public appearance to defend or clarify the issues raised. Rather, they possibly felt it was better to wait for the SES conference and address members who flew in for it and could attend the SEMPO membership meeting.

Reaction to the meeting was positive for many members, its been reported. On the other hand, others were disappointed. Worse, those who couldn't fly in were left out and it felt like business as usual to them (feeling ignored and not communicated with.)

Meanwhile, some incredibly sound and thoughtful ideas, strategies and suggestions have been making it into Cre8asiteforums, which prompted a new thread, which I want to point you to.

It's called After SEMPO: Should We Start a Trade Association?

Bill Slawski, one of the Administrators for Cre8asiteForums, has presented a strong case for a new kind of trade association, which includes fields related to SEO, such as web development and usability. Peter DaVanzo has been presenting the needs of smaller SEO's and independent web masters, who aren't in the position to shell out enormous membership fees and plane tickets to membership meetings. Several other people are united in the belief that there has to be another way. Different solutions. And more attentiveness to the needs of a still-growing industry.

Cre8asiteforums invites you to visit this thread, but to be clear, the ideas expressed belong to the posters and are not always the opinions of the forums staff. The right to have a Forum to discuss issues and raise concerns is the role of Cre8asite.

Some people in this thread discussion are asking for a "show of hands". Others are attempting to gather business requirements. Still others are hashing out what they would like to see. Perhaps there is a need for SEMPO and an alternative with a different mission. If so, this is being fleshed out in the forum.

You can have your say.

:: posted by Kim Krause Berg on 8/04/2004 10:03:39 AM

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