About Cre8pc

LogoCre8pc.com is a domain with a fascinating career on the Internet. It began in 1996 as a personal site, by 1998 was a site that taught search engine optimization, by 2002 was a blog and business site for usability design and SEO and it sustained the career of its creator, Kim Krause Berg.

Kim head shotThe old Cre8pc site was a mixture of personal stories and professional information during a time when there were few trusted experts and writing on a topic was authentic. Never a fan of fame, or craving the limelight, and feeling burned out, this site was retired.

However, so many people hold Cre8pc in their hearts and they missed hearing from me.  I discovered I still needed an outlet for writing.  To honor my friends and readers who supported Cre8pc for many years, and to keep a name that fits who I am, I decided to explore what was fun about Cre8pc, which was sharing my stories as if you are sitting with me at my big wooden “Walton’s Table”, sipping tea, beer or wine, getting the giggles and nodding in unison the way humans do when their souls dance together on the wings of ideas, adventures, tales and experiences.

Welcome to Cre8pc. (It means, Create Peace).  This is me sharing stuff if you were here.